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It was a little thin rod with a white porcelain ball on the end. It’s the kind of thing you might find lying on the floor in some dusty, old, attic. Or in a box of junk at a flea market. But what in the world was it? For the moment, it was one of hundreds of those odd, unidentifiable “somethings” destined for our parts box — until a friend got to rummaging around in the box.

It turned out that it was part of a Civil War surgery kit and that the “thing” was a bullet probe. Doctors would push it into an entry wound until it hit something hard. If it was a bullet, the lead would leave mark on the porcelain tip and the doctor would know where to go to work.

While AtticExplorer.com is not a research firm for identifying unusual items, it does share your enthusiasm for finding those dusty old things and discovering what they are. It’s a place for people who enjoy making real, tangible connections across the decades and centuries, who like to hold history in their hands. It’s a place to tell — and hear — great stories about vintage things.

We invite you to browse the web site for one of a growing list of items or you can post one of your own. They don’t have to be million dollar finds (though they can be!) and you don’t need to be a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer to tell us about it. Only two things are required: the item has to be something you like and you have to enjoy telling its story.

If you have something that you’d like to share with other Attic Explorers, please use the contact form to get in touch. From casual collectors to full-time professionals, all are welcome.

Thanks for visiting. We hope you enjoy your time here.

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